If you want to organize seminars, meetings, trainings, workshops, presentations etc., we are waiting for you in Scheeli restaurant. We have spacious, well-lighted hall for 50 persons with required technical equipment at our disposal. The hall has good ventilation and air conditioner, the light can be tuned and the hall can be darkened.

Hall alignment: flexible (round table, cinema etc)

Hall area: big part is 10 x 7 m, small part of the hall is 3,5 x 7 m (for smaller events)

Equipment: dataprojector (HDMI, VGA connections), sound can be connected to hall’s sound system, dynamic lighting system.

Screen: width 2,4 m

Paperboard and colored pencils

Furniture: Wooden tables (70 cm x 70 cm) and soft chairs

Catering: coffee breaks,  breakfast,  lunch and dinner

Price: Take contact for an offer